Thursday, May 24, 2007

Armenian ice cream

I will definitely miss it. After the packers left today (leaving things half-packed and my living room a box-fort heaven for an eight-year-old), I went out for dinner, and decided, after my lasagna al fresco, to indulge in some ice cream. My wedding dress is safely packed away, and I can't possibly gain enough weight by Sunday to preclude the zipping-up of my concert dress. And it wouldn't really matter anyway, except for the fact that Armenian ice-cream, besides being smooth, creamy and delicious, is probably about 92 percent butter fat. Hence the smooth, creamy and delicious. My favorite variety is the Dove bar facsimile - vanilla ice-cream within, crunch chocolate coating without. Only here, instead of costing $4.29 plus tax, you can get one on the street for 150 dram (about 42 cents at today's abysmal exchange rate; it was just 33 cents two years ago!). It's worth it. I can diet in the States. Vis blog!

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