Sunday, May 20, 2007


Organizing for the packers appears to be a great impetus for blogging. Today my most difficult task was deciding which shoes go where. I have it on good authority that the Embassy compound in Kabul isn't the best place for high heels or suede. But it was much more difficult than I'd anticipated to decide which shoes would spend the next 18-24 months in storage, which would go straight to Afghanistan, which would arrive in the States a couple weeks after me, and which would come on the plane with me. After a good long deliberation, about a dozen pairs went into the giveaway bag, and about half of the remainder went to storage. I think I will still have more than I need in Kabul, but at least Jeremy won't have to give up the whole closet floor to me. Only about 75 percent. After all, I will need cute shoes for our vacations!

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