Thursday, May 10, 2007

We have a Winner!!!!

So, after much heart wrenching debate, many sleepless nights and several "ugh" moments, we finally have decided on bridesmaid dresses. This "we" notation is because I finally was smart enough to be a team player and keep my mouth shut and leave the country.

While in Armenia, I had the uncanny knack of sticking my foot in my mouth when Masha wanted to discuss dresses. I would always offer my two cents when she asked, knowing all along that I should have just said, "yep, those are the ones baby!" Instead, I tossed out other color options, dress types or fabrics. Apparently, for a woman with a wedding checklist to get through, making suggestions that add work isn't helpful.

The helpful part was when I left Armenia. Now that I'm a team player and nowhere near Masha's computer, she has now selected and ordered the dresses. All I had to do was verify that I got the e-mail with the bridesmaid dresses. After I was so helpful in Armenia, I guess Masha felt that I should have the important task of verification. She's learning.

Another lesson learned. Think that is number 44 since our engagement.

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