Friday, July 4, 2008

Doing Laundry

Here's an example of when modern conveniences don't pay off. We broke the dryers, so now all the laundry drying is done outdoors. But given the 0% humidity, clothes actually dry faster than in a dryer. Now, I don't have the color coordination down like Armenians (where clothes are hung up to resemble the rainbow), but I'll learn. Any tips from my PCV friends?


  1. I always found that hanging my clothes from the smallest article to the largest kept the tatiks from laughing at me.

  2. Did you turn them all inside out so the sun does not fade them? Also, my host mother used to use three clothes pins for every two garments. I'll glad give you a bottle of Yereghnadzor tanakan oghi if you ironed every item after you took it down!


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