Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More Aryu Village Pictures

Greg (waving) from USDA and the rest of the team head up to Aryu, still ignorant of the long trip ahead. We were told it would be a one-hour hike, but it was actually three and a half hours each way!

These sheep have the right idea. Wish I could have just camped out. 100 degrees and I had three liters of water by the time we reached the village (6.5 miles and 1000 foot elevation gain - all in the last mile of course). Thank goodness for CamelBaks.

Picture of part of the village (900 families live in the area, but this picture is only of the area where the new school is being built) which stretches up and to the left for a good couple of kilometers. No road. Only the single track trail that we hiked up to get to it and needless to say, no electricity, indoor plumbing, television or telephones. But they were amazingly hospitable and made us feel welcome.

One of the village leaders and his horse.

Cute little girls were so bashful, they almost didn't come up to collect their backpack and pens from us. For background, we have a number of backpacks with pens, paper and such that we give out sometimes when we go out. We brought about 400 backpacks with us, because the PRT is funding a new school here (currently classes for 300 students are held in tents, but only for a couple of months as winter sets in early at 8000 feet).

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