Monday, July 7, 2008

Rohit's Wedding

Rohit and Lucy got married this weekend in Chicago. It was a laid-back and fun wedding weekend, and also a great reunion of high school buddies. Saturday morning before the wedding, the bride and groom treated their guests to a cruise of Lake Michigan. The Jefferson alums were happy to be reunited:

Complete with silly faces ...

Then I tried to be a wedding photographer. As you can see, I continue to suck:

And there was singing, of course.

And more high-school posing:

And decorating with the centerpiece gems.

My enjoyment of the event was definitely tempered somewhat by the fact that I could not dance with my own husband (I did think that my own wedding would have the happy consequence of my never having to attend another wedding alone ..), but, all in all, it was a very satisfying weekend. Congratulations, guys!


  1. Hey! That was a great weekend (even if the drive home was miserable). I'm still not sure I understood the "reunion/fan club" aspect that Lucy's dad was talking about, but if it means another weekend like that, I'm in. I wish the DJ would have played "Twist and Shout" though. I *love* that song.

  2. Cool! Too bad we weren't in touch as Vic and I were also in Chicago this past weekend! Hope you had a pleasant time!


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