Thursday, May 26, 2011

Homemade cloth diaper

Some of you are going to think I'm really nuts after reading this post.  Not only does this girl voluntarily reuse poopy diapers, but she actually makes them herself.

I sewed my first pocket diaper this week.  Z just wore it for two hours and it did the job.  My pattern does need some work.  For example, I realized after uploading these photos that I totally put the pocket on the wrong end.  That's why it fits a bit funny.  Oops.


  1. This looks great! If I wasn't so lazy I might try making some pockets, but mine only costs seven dollars so it's hard to find the motivation!

  2. wow. you're my hero. Not sure why I've never read your blog before but am enjoying clicking through your last few months! We are kindred crafty spirits. And you are very talented.

  3. Where did yu get your pattern from?

  4. kn1ttr, this particular diaper was made using a pattern I drafted myself. I just traced one of my existing cloth diapers. It didn't fit very well, though, so I have since invested in the Darling Diapers Unlimited pattern.


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