Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tots Around Town Tuesdays: Dior Exhibit

Today we took the trolley to the Pushkin Museum to see an exhibit of Dior gowns.

We made quite a sight - three disheveled and sweaty mommas, two (myself included) with babies strapped to their chests, and three toddlers.  Also, it was so hot.  It even smelled like a sauna.  We guessed those conditions were necessary for the gown preservation, but it was pretty uncomfortable.

We also got special attention from the apron-clad babushki monitoring each room.  They followed close behind us to make sure our kids didn't smudge the glass or try to tug the dresses.  Pictures were not allowed, and, as we were already under close surveillance, I didn't try to sneak any.  It's really too bad because it was an absolutely gorgeous exhibit.  I found this one on the net - you can take a look at the rest here.

Natasha was completely transfixed.  Kid has good taste.

Afterwards, we got some cream puffs at Beard Papa's.

We worked them off by walking the 1.5-2 miles or so home.  I think this was my favorite Tots Around Town Tuesday outing so far.

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