Monday, May 30, 2011

Things you have to do when you travel with babies

Take breaks to chase pigeons.

Wash poop out of baby clothes with hand soap in your hotel room's bathroom sink.

Return to the room mid-day for nap time.

Skip a long day trip to accommodate said nap time.

Recognize that it's no longer about seeing as much as possible in the time you have.

Understand that, no matter how many new toys you pack in your bag for the train journey, your child will spend an hour playing peek-a-boo with the person sitting behind you. Or batting around an empty plastic water bottle.

Realize that, sometimes, a McDonald's in a foreign city really is a blessing (judge all you want).

Pictures when we get back to Moscow tomorrow evening.

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  1. Often, it's not what you do, but what you don't do or hold yourself accountable for. I don't know how many tours I've been on where I learned less about, say, the pyramids of Saqqara as I did about the camel belonging to one of the security guards... and that was fine by me. My kids are not babies anymore... enjoy those naps while you can! McD's 'food in a box' can be magic, I won't judge, but I will say that I'm happy that mine now ask for pizza or chinese food instead!


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