Sunday, July 31, 2011

An evening at the ballet

Last Friday, Jeremy and I and the inlaws went to see Swan Lake. I fully admit I was not expecting to enjoy it - not least because I was just really tired. But it was really lovely. I might even venture to say that, in general, I enjoyed it more than the opera. I feel kind of guilty saying that, since singing is my thing, but Jeremy agreed with me. Perhaps if there were more dancing in opera. Anyway, we saw it at the theater affectionately known as the Stan and Dan. The playhouse is painted a gorgeous cobalt blue color - my crappy photos do not do it justice. There were no photos allowed during the performance, but we took a few during the curtain calls.

I hesitated about putting this photo up since I look like such a cow. However, we don't often get dressed up, and I am wearing my treasured Cynthia Rowley suede leopard-print peep-toes. So here's the proof.

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