Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jet lag update

Oh, sleep, how I miss you.

We're hating life here right now.  Yesterday I reverted back to plan A (get them out of bed and limit nap time), after plan B (let them sleep in and take a long nap) didn't work after plan A didn't work.  I don't think I'm being unrealistic.  I don't expect them to sleep through the night.  But I was figuring that, by night four (last night) after arrival, we'd see SOME improvement.

I was wrong.

Last night was the worst night so far.  I had mercilessly roused them at 9 a.m. They were allowed to nap for three hours (was that the problem?  Too long?  I don't know.) from 1 to 4 p.m. We kept them up until 9 p.m.  I went to sleep not long after.  I'm running on fumes here.

Natasha woke up crying at 12:30.  She cried, then Z cried, then she cried, then Z cried.  I spent an hour in there rocking them.  I did everything all the stupid websites tell you - didn't turn on the lights, didn't allow them to play, just rocked them and sang.  And still, SOMEONE was crying until 6 a.m.  And often, more than one someone.  And sometimes, that second (or third) someone was me.  Jeremy and I finally separated them, putting Z in the pack n play in our room, and we slept on the couch and floor in the living room. 

So these stupid websites, I don't know, maybe they are talking about jet lag over a two- or three-hour time difference, which, no offense, doesn't even count in my book.  Because just about everything I read cheerfully chirps that "night two will be the most difficult," or "by night four, things will start to improve," if they're not promising that your baby will sleep normally by then.


And now I'm faced with the dilemma.  Today do I go with plan A or plan B?  I'm thinking plan A, but at this point, my kids have only slept 6.5 of the last 12 hours.  Will they be overtired?  Will that cause me another night like last night?  Or will allowing them to sleep in just reinforce the wrong schedule?

Like I posted before, you'd think after five transatlantic legs over the last two years, that I'd know what to do.  But I don't have a solution.  Except to never fly.  Sorry, friends and family, I don't think we'll be leaving Georgia at all during our next tour.  See you in 2014 ...

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