Tuesday, December 6, 2011

O Christmas Tree

We decorated our tree on Friday night.  We knew we wouldn't have a lot of space in our Moscow apartment, so we bought a pre-lit 4.5-footer at Target after Zoia was born.  It's a good size for this place, but Jeremy definitely misses having a taller tree.  I don't know whether you can get nice live trees in Georgia, but if not, we'll probably be shopping for a 7-footer after the holidays.

This will be N's third Christmas, but it is the first time she has helped decorate the tree.

She took the task very seriously, and actually hung quite a few ornaments (yes, on the same section of light-wire, but still, I was impressed). 

Zoia was pretty crabby, but she helped a little before going to bed.

It's been up four days and we haven't had any accidents yet.  Isn't it pretty?

P.S. N slept through the night last night!!  Wahoo!  We're on night 10 - fingers crossed that Z does the same tonight.


  1. Looks great! and so pretty on that chest.

  2. Hooray for sleep! I hope it continues to improve. Your tree is beautiful.


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