Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I learned on the Internet today

It might surprise you to learn that I am one of those people who is paranoid about the Internet.  I'm obviously not quite ready to hide out in a cabin in the mountains, but I hate Facebook and am always wagging my finger at certain siblings for revealing too much in their photo albums.  Etc.

But that said, I recognize there is a lot of good on the Internet.  It certainly enables me to keep in touch with my family with an ease that we only dreamed about 20 years ago.  I also love online shopping, Pinterest, Ravelry, My Fitness Pal, and a number of other sites.  But probably the neatest thing about the Internet is how it can teach you to do stuff.  Almost all my knitting know-how came from Youtube videos.  And today, during my kids' three-hour nap (yay!) the Internet gave me the idea to make these cute little handwarmers and even taught me a couple basic embroidery stitches with which to embellish them.

And then I made them.  They are filled with rice and fit into the palm of your hand.  You microwave them for 30 seconds, then slip them in your pockets for a winter stroll. 

One thing the Internet hasn't yet taught me is how to take
non-blurry indoor photos on a winter's day.
Also, I know that my whipstitching needs work.

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  1. Those are adorable! And you'd be proud of your pictures if you could see mine...


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