Monday, December 19, 2011

Of snow and muck

It has been unseasonably warm in Moscow lately.  We've had snow nearly every day for the last couple of weeks, but the flakes have mostly been of the sort that just kind of drift aimlessly in the air and never actually land.  When we have had fat, purposeful flakes, the ground has been too warm for accumulation, and so they just become insta-slush when they hit the pavement.  The warm(er) weather has been nice, but the dreary sky is really easier to take when there is fresh, beautiful snow on the ground.

So everyone was thrilled when we got 3-4 honest-to-goodness inches yesterday.  Natasha got to do some sliding.

This was before I dug her little bum-sled out of the closet.
Z has been taking really long naps lately, and missed out on the fun.

But she was happy to pose in front of the tree.

Today the snow began to melt.  But in midafternoon a bit of golden sun peeked through the clouds, and I raced to get the girls dressed.  As luck would have it, Z decided that the most opportune time to poop was after I had dressed her.  So I peeled off her coat, her bib overalls, her fleece pants and her tights, and unsnapped her undershirt onesie and her long-sleeved onesie ... while Natasha began to sweat through her similarly layered ensemble.  By the time we made it outside, the sun had gone.

Fun with beach toys.

A rare smile from Mrs. Grouchypants.

I told you it had started to melt.  Kids, though - they aren't bothered by a little thing like mud.

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  1. We are going to have an ugly brown Christmas here. I like the slightly warmer weather, but everything looks pathetic, droopy, and dead. I love the picture of N sledding without a sled.


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