Saturday, January 7, 2012

Христос рождается!

So the children are tucked into bed after a long Christmas Day.  Last night we tried to attend the early evening services at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, just like last year.  Right as we were walking up the stairs to enter the church, the policemen shut the door and told people trying to get in that the church museum was closed.  I pointed out that we were there for religious services.  I was told that the service was over.  People coming out confirmed that was not the case, and that the church was not packed.  The policemen clearly knew nothing about what was going on inside, but nonetheless, for reasons that remain unclear to me, and that I would bet are completely arbitrary, they would not allow us in.  This is the church that Vladimir Putin attends, however, he was supposed to be at the midnight service, and we were there at 5:45 p.m.  I know this probably isn't that interesting for you, but I'm still angry thinking about it.  The Soviet Union is not dead.

Anyway.  We ended up attending the service (late, of course) at our usual church.  It was very nice.  Several people oo-ed and aaahed over Zoia's outfit.  One woman came back three times to tell me how cute she was, adding, "But I have to ask - why do you shave her head?"

My poor bald baby.

The girls got a kitchen and a number of other gifts, mostly accessories and foods for the kitchen.  I think Natasha baked several tens of dozens of cookies with her new Melissa and Doug cookie set.  We had a very tasty ham, green beans and sweet potatoes with coconut streusel topping.  Pear crisp and ice cream for dessert.  My tummy hurts.

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