Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rainbow Jello Snow

 I've been getting lots of ideas for kid activities off Pinterest lately.  The latest is coloring snow with "paint" made of water and food coloring.  I feel like this is an idea I should have come up with on my own - maybe I watched too much TV as a kid.  Anyway, thank goodness for Pinterest and creative mommy bloggers. 

I had bought these squeeze bottles at AC Moore during our last trip to the States, with the idea of making my own puffy paint (also found on Pinterest).  They were perfect for snow paint.  I had stupidly thrown away our food coloring during December's great kitchen purge.  Yesterday I borrowed from our neighbor, but today I had the bright idea to use a bit of Jello powder that was still lurking in the kitchen (it was in a bag of similar bad food that I hadn't yet gotten around to giving away).  The girls had a great time making colorful snow soup, and I was more or less successful at keeping it out of their mouths.

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