Sunday, January 29, 2012


Life continues to kick our butts.  Jeremy and I signed up for an Embassy triathlon challenge.  Basically we have two weeks to finish an Ironman Triathlon - a 26.2-mile run, 2.4-mile swim (127 laps in the Embassy pool) and 112-mile bike ride.  We signed up to do it as a team, but then Jeremy got injured in broomball and hasn't been able to exercise as much as he had planned.  Today is day 8 of the triathlon and I've run 14 miles and biked 52 miles.  Jeremy has swum 60 laps and run 4 miles.   I am spending a lot of time in the gym and it feels good, but doesn't leave time for much else.  Plus N barely naps these days and she is not the sort of child who will just play quietly while I blog. 

Thankfully, though, our kids have been remarkably healthy this winter.  Last winter we didn't have a single day between mid-December and mid-April where all four of us were healthy.  But this winter has been much better, and that has made things easier.  Also, the Feingold diet is really helping N's skin, which is gratifying.

The weather has finally gotten cold - we've been in the single digits for the last week or so.  I am being way wimpier about going out in it, though, than I was last winter.  So much so that, yesterday, despite it being a beautifully sunny day, we decided to go walk around a nearby mall.  We were rewarded by the discovery of a free bouncy play area in the atrium that also houses a display of giant matryoshka dolls.  This mall is also always deserted, so the kids the houses nearly to themselves.  And since the roof is glass, the sunlight comes in and you don't feel so bad for being indoors.  (Also, Jeremy did take N sledding while Z napped, so don't feel too bad for us).

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  1. Great job with the triathlon Masha! That is some serious exercise! I love the pictures of the mall - so pretty. But you aren't kidding, it is really empty!


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