Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Holiday's end

Yesterday was the last day of the Russian administrative holiday that lasts from New Year's Day through January 9.  We didn't make it out as much this year, mostly because the weather was slushy and rainy.  But we got a pretty snow fall on Sunday night, and decided to check out Sokolniki park.  

Right as we pulled up to the park, Natasha vomited cheese all over herself.  We thought about going home, but it had taken us 45 minutes to get out the door and another 30 to drive to the park, thanks to a wrong turn or two.  And it looked like she was just car sick, so we wiped her down and went on our way.  I wrapped my scarf around her head because her hat was too pukey to wear.

We arrived just in time for a children's New Year's program.  Ded Moroz and Snegurachka were up on stage calling out instructions to a group of children dancing in a circle.  Natasha and I joined in.

Zoia enjoyed the ice sculptures, including some neat slides and a chess set.

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