Wednesday, April 17, 2013

In the garden

I have never successfully grown anything. I've never really even tried to grow anything.  I am generally game to try new things - like teach myself to knit and sew, or to attempt all manner of complicated baked endeavors.  But gardening has always seemed intimidating.

I, apparently, am not the only one who doubts my own green thumb. When, upon moving to Georgia, I remarked to my husband that I would like to plant a vegetable garden, he gently recommended we hire a gardener.  I argued, but Jeremy diplomatically suggested that perhaps it would not be so easy to find time to do the necessary research, not to mention the work itself, with a new baby in the house.

So we hired Giorgi.  Last fall he took out the hideous succulents that were encroaching, fungus-like, onto the sidewalk in front of our house and replaced them with tulip and hyacinth bulbs.   Then he dug out a garden plot in the backyard.

This week he showed me and the girls how to plant seeds.  We put cilantro, oregano and basil in between the flowers out front, and two kinds of lettuce, spinach, snap peas and broccoli in the back.

Then yesterday the girls and I did that Pinterest thing where you paint rocks to be your garden plot markers.  Today we put them out in the yard.

Hopefully something will grow.


  1. Look at you! Not only you are doing great with three kids, you also do crafts with them like painting rocks and stuff! I am impressed :)

  2. I love the rocks! I've never done that before, but it seems like th perfect weather-proof way to know what is where. And I bet having a gardener help with all of it means you'll reap more harvest- yea!!


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