Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Little mamas

Somewhere, amid the insanity of adding a baby to a household already bursting at the seams with unbridled toddler energy, I have been trying to find little moments to hang on to.  You know, the little snippets of time that you want to freeze.  The ones that get you through the screaming fits when your kid runs into traffic, or opens the door and walks out of the house without your knowledge or permission (both of which occurred yesterday).  The ones that you envisioned before you had kids.

Thankfully, we had a couple of those yesterday, too.

Gabriel spends most of the day strapped to me in one carrier or another - usually my Babyhawk mei tai or my Beco Gemini.  The girls have started trying to create their own baby wraps with scarves.

Thanks to the confluence of two events - 1) my finding this excellent tutorial for a doll mei tai, and 2) Jeremy taking the kids for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday - I was able to sew this weekend.

And, tada!  Some precious moments:

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  1. Your girls are sweet! Mine never wanted to recreate me wearing K around. :)


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