Monday, April 29, 2013

Palm Sunday

Yesterday was Palm Sunday in the Orthodox Church.  We went to church as usual and it was jammed. It is usually pretty packed, but there were probably twice as many people as usual.  People brought (or bought from the many old ladies sitting outside the church) greens and/or pussywillows.  We picked up two little baskets of boxwood.

As we walked up the stairs into the church, a priest blessed us and our greens with sprays of ice cold holy water.  He is the gray bearded one to the right in the crush of people making their way up the stairs.

As usual, I wore Gabriel in my Beco carrier.  Although it was a 70 degree day I was thoroughly chastised by a number of people for dressing him in a short-sleeved shirt and - gasp - no hat.  This is not the best photo of me but you can see to my right a lady expressing her distaste at the way I chose to clothe my son.  He is pretty cute, isn't he?

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  1. But baba on your left is giving you some good looks! :) And you look great by the way :) And yes, Gabriel is a cutie and getting big!


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