Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Christmas morning has changed a little every year, as the kids have gotten older and maybe a little more into gifts.  This year was the first year N really "got" it.

Dead sprint into the living room.
Z was a bit more reserved.  Turns out, she thought Santa would be waiting for her.  She wasn't pleased that he had just dropped some toys and run. (Which is funny, because she refused every opportunity to meet the big guy this year).

I can't believe he didn't stay.
G spent most of the morning crawling around the floor with this (old) brush.

The gift opening continued after church.  Illness prevented me from sewing their dresses this year, so they wore last year's, which still fit (but just barely for Z).

G did get a new outfit.

S Pozhdestvom Christovym!

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  1. Merry Christmas, Masha and family! Wow - your children are getting so big! Where does the time go? Your children are beautiful. Thinking of you all, Amber


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