Sunday, January 26, 2014

Preschool performance

Natasha's preschool does two large-scale performances each year.  When we were deciding whether/where Natasha would go to preschool, we attended their June "spektakl'" and were floored.  This is serious business.  They perform on a stage at a nearby university, with rented costumes and the help of a professional choreographer.  Natasha was enthralled, and asked repeatedly to go to "performance school."

This year's first spektakl' took place last Sunday.  We knew from last year that we would need to get there early to claim seats in the 150-person theater.  

It was a good thing, because there were at least 30 people in standing room only, by the time the show began.

I can't tell you exactly what the show was about, since about 75 percent of it was in Georgian.  But as near as I could figure from the Russian dialogue and visual clues, there was a vignette involving a spoiled princess and her exasperated tutor (so hilarious, this kid).

There was also an adorable hip hop dance featuring boys in ethnic costumes, some of whom breakdanced.

At 4 years old, Natasha is one of the younger ones at the school, which enrolls students as old as 6. She didn't have any speaking parts this time (though the director assures me she will in the summer - maybe I gave off a "stage mom" vibe), but she did have a non-speaking role as the circus ringmaster.

She was also a snowflake (in the back in this photo).

And she was a butterfly in the spring dance.

It was lucky that when we dropped her off an hour and half before curtain, I noticed that a lot of the parents had bouquets of flowers.  That thought hadn't even occurred to me, but we hightailed it to a nearby flower shop where I am sure I got entirely ripped off, and bought our daughter some roses.

She would have been VERY disappointed if she had been the only one of her friends not to get flowers, so, phew!

All's well that ends well.


  1. Wow! That looks like an awesome performance! And N looks so beautiful in that puffy dress!

  2. Love it -- so cool. Does N speak Georgian now?

  3. What fun! And I loooove those costumes.


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