Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Move over, Emeril!

Way back in 2005, on a first date that neither of us thought would actually lead anywhere, Jeremy cooked me dinner.  He lived in a typical apartment in downtown Yerevan; his kitchen was equipped with a two-burner travel stove and a toaster oven. Somehow he managed an impressive dinner of chicken in Roquefort sauce, roasted fingerling potatoes, a cucumber and tomato salad and bread pudding for dessert.  Though I generally only like potatoes with a suitably high fat-to-starch ratio, those fingerlings were good and I ate them all.

Although I wouldn't say we are foodies in the annoying sense of the word, we do enjoy a good meal.  Our favorite date is a tasting menu at a new restaurant, and we are big fans of Top Chef (we even own all the cook books).

So Jeremy was pretty excited to be offered the opportunity to appear on a Georgian cooking show as part of his job.  His task was to present some typically American food to a Georgian audience.  He had to consider local tastes, and the availability of ingredients.  After polling both American and Georgian friends, he settled on a menu of pork chops with fried apples and twice-baked potatoes.

The segment aired on New Year's Day on Georgian TV.  The video is below - it is dubbed in Georgian but if you listen hard you can still hear Jeremy talking.

We're thinking of sending the clip to the Food Network and are taking name suggestions.  "Foreign Service Foodie?"  "The Diplomat's Kitchen?"



  1. How awesome!!! And Jeremy looks good on TV :)

  2. ha-ha-ha
    My husband loves pork chops. I am definitely making this for his bday.

    p.s. I am Georgian wife living in the U.S. with my American husband and two kids. We are in Nashville, Tn :)


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