Saturday, October 20, 2012

Anyone for Jumprope?

While in the U.S., I bought some purple corduroy with the intention of making Natasha a Jumprope Dress from Oliver+S patterns.  When I got to cutting it out, however, I found that I had somehow bought too small a quantity of the fabric for a 3T dress.  So it ended up being 2T and went to Zoia, who was thrilled to get a new dress (poor kid, hand-me-downs are particularly tough when your sister wore them just last year).  I really wanted to make Natasha a dress too, and the only cord I had in the right amount was charcoal gray.  I was excited about the dress, because the gray goes perfectly with some beautiful ribbon from my late grandmother's stash, which I have been dying to use ever since I acquired it.  I knew it would be a risk, though, since the dress wouldn't be pink, purple, flowery or sparkly.  I decided to forge ahead.

I really love both dresses.  Natasha, predictably, protested putting hers on, and declared it "for a boy." We'll see whether I can ever get it on her again.


  1. How cute!!! Love both of the dresses! I tend to like grays too but Emma does not share this love with me either. :( What's up with our kids, huh?

  2. How do you get everything done? I feel like such a loser. :) Cute dresses!

  3. Melissa - don't feel bad! I'm pretty sure your house is way cleaner than mine ...

    Dasha - if you figure out how to get her to like gray, let me know. I love it.


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