Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gondola over old town

The last few Sundays after church, we have been going to a little French cafe in Tbilisi's old town.  The cafe sits directly under the cable car line that leads to the hill behind the old town. Natasha asks every week to ride on the gondola, and last week we finally did it. She was thrilled.  Zoia took a little more getting used to, but by the time we rode back down, she enjoyed it. Mother Georgia, a large silver-colored statue, also stands on the hill. I told Natasha she was a princess (!) and so the girls gladly agreed to take a walk over to her.

Nariqala Fortress.

The glass-bottomed car is a bit scratched up ...

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  1. We took a gondola ride too last Sat (but i still have to blog about it + I did not know they were called gondolas). Love Zoika's face on the first picture - she is clearly freaked out. :) And glass bottom's are kinda scary.


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