Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hello, mojo!

I bought fabric to make the girls' bedding several months ago. But when our things arrived, I was thoroughly uninspired to sew. Not even the arrival of their cute new toddler beds could shake me out of it. They slept under mismatched, scrounged-up bedding for a month. And then last week I finally finished the bedding. I made comforters by cutting a twin-sized comforter in half and binding the cut edges. The result is two perfectly-sized toddler comforters.  Then I made duvet covers following this tutorial (except I had to make my covers slightly larger, since my comforters were a little larger than hers.  The pillowcases came from this tutorial, except I couldn't get the first one sewn properly using the tutorial word-for-word. I think I cut the fabric slightly skewed, which made one piece stretch while the other one didn't. It was very frustrating. So I altered the method and then the other three came together quickly.

Now I need to get started on a bunch of other stuff that has to get sewn before Christmas ...


  1. very cute! I need to organize my sewing room aka 1/2 bedroom thing and get sewing!

  2. Love how it turned out! Fabric is so cute!!!


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