Monday, October 8, 2012

KCWC Day 1

So I ended up not being away from the machine, as I had thought, today. I spent several hours (aided by my husband's Columbus Day holiday) working on a Playdate Dress.  It was a practice-run for Natasha's Christmas dress, for which I bought some lovely lilac velveteen. I almost thought to just dive into the velveteen from the get-go ... and now I am so glad I did not do that. 

My girl is so skinny that her chest measurement corresponds with the 6-12 mo size on the pattern. However, she is a tall 3T, almost a 4. So I had to do some rejiggering of the pattern. I jiggered a bit too far, though, and now I have armholes too deep for the sleeves. I'm trying to decide now whether to cut new sleeves (which might look a little strange and off-kilter in the new proportion), or just to bind the too-big armholes and call the dress a jumper.  Perhaps I'll decide tomorrow.

In the meantime, here's a dress I sewed last week with my new serger (yay!). It is a sleeveless version of the Junebug dress (see two posts ago), but it is a little too tight on both my girls. Also, I managed to slice a small hole into the skirt while serging the last seam. I patched and zigzagged it and it's not too noticeable, but it did make me very upset at the time.

Here's a photo of Z wearing it today. 

The styling is her own. You can't quite see it but she is wearing a shirred tank top under the dress, and then the jeans and boots. No amount of cajoling could convince her that the jeans and boots were a bit of an overkill for the 80-degree afternoon. I could almost hear her sighing over my out-of-style-ness. I guess that's coming ...


  1. 80 degrees.... I'm in a state of bliss just imagining it.

    I would totally just bind the armholes and call it a jumper, but then I did a little sewing today too, and totally messed up my project. I think I'll have to trash it, so I am probably not a person who should be giving out advice.

    Great to read your blog again.

  2. I sewed myself a skirt this summer that came out way too big. That and still settling into the new house has resulted in me not anything recently, but I have fabric in the hamper to be washed with hopes . .
    So, I love when you post sewing stuff because it totally motivates me!
    Keep it up! I would be jealous of your serger, but I'm not advanced enough to even know how to use it.

  3. Like Like! I am ashamed as I haven't sewed yet. At ALL!!! I have a cold and not feeling well. Ans i ended up tracing the patterns for two days straight. Hopefully tonight I will start sewing. Ugh.
    Love your Junebug dresses!!! So cute!


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