Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Make-your-own spring

Since it snowed again yesterday and it's looking less and less likely that Pascha will be met with blooming flowers this year, we had to be extra-colorful in our egg-dyeing today.

Natasha was mostly interested in flinging the eggs at the pots of dye as hard as she could; when advised against such methods, she promptly and thoroughly flipped out.  If you look closely, you can see in this photo that the flipping-out is imminent.

(Note to self: It's possible that nearly-19-months is a little young yet for flip-out-free egg-dyeing.)

Mama and our friends E and A finished the rest of the egg dyeing, and A even added a few stickers. More ready for Pascha every day!

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  1. HA! I know exactly what you mean. We are planning to do this on Saturday. Good to know what I will go through :)


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