Monday, April 4, 2011

Refashion: Long and Blah to Short and Flirty

On Sunday it was 50 degrees and sunny. It was the first spring-like day we've had. There was cause for celebration. And some wardrobe-tinkering inspiration.

So I pulled out this skirt, which I bought some 10 years ago for like $7.99 at TJ Maxx. I feel like, at some point, long flowery bias-cut skirts were fashionable. But this skirt has mostly just hung in my closet for awhile. I pull it out occasionally to try on, lifting the hem and thinking "This might actually be cute if it were shorter." And then I put it back to hang for another eight months.

Not this time, though. I measured my skirt. It was 37 inches long. And I determined that I wanted the finished skirt to be about 21.5 inches.

I cut 18 inches off the bottom, leaving 19 inches on the main skirt.

Then I chopped three inches off the bottom piece, including the hem. This was my ruffle. I could have made it more ruffly by cutting up more of the skirt to add width. But I was in a hurry, so I left it as is.

I gathered the ruffle and pinned it to my main skirt, then sewed it on. I also cut the faux-drawstring tie off the skirt's waistband (seriously, what is the point that? Since I am not in the habit of tucking shirts into elastic-waist skirts, it just pokes out under the shirt and looks dumb.)


Bonus, I now have 15 inches of fabric left, which will be plenty to make Natasha a matching sundress. Look for that in the future.


  1. LORD! That is so cute! I am very very impressed Masha. Can't wait to see N's matching dress ;) :) Maybe you can make Z matching bloomers if you have enough left!

  2. Very cute!

    My my took up sewing when I was little. She'd make things for her and out of the left over fabric, similar things for me. We'd wear them together. Thinking about it now, it probably looked really tacky but I know I loved it at the time and adored my mother for it.


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