Sunday, April 24, 2011


Or, "Christos Voskrese," which means "Christ is Risen!"  This is how we greet each other on Pascha and for the 39 days thereafter.  The proper response is ""Voistinu Voskrese," or "Truly He is Risen!"

We got the babies up for the midnight procession last night.  Poor Zoia wasn't very happy, so we did not stay for the rest of the service.  And she did not make the rest of the night easy for us.

There were a LOT of people.

Then we came home and broke the fast.  Natasha enjoyed the Italian prosciutto and cappicola most of all.  Her Herbst relatives will be very proud.

This morning we took some Easter photos.

In about 1.5 hours, we will host more than 30 people for an Easter celebration.  Pictures to come tomorrow!

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