Sunday, April 10, 2011

Not-so-easy gathered jersey skirt

I love skirts. They are girly, cute, flattering if you pick the right shape, and cool in summer. Shorts and my body don't like each other very much, so I live in skirts all summer long. Here that means I really only require two - one for the first week of summer, and one for the second. But, as I am trying out this new glass-half-full-thing, I decided to sew another skirt. I picked up the fabric in the Joann remnant bin last year for $3.55. And I found the tutorial here.

It was supposed to be easy, but I ended up sewing and resewing the darn thing five times. First issue was that when I made the waistband according to the instructions, it was way too big. I ended up cutting the waistband to be 75 percent of my waist measurement, instead of my measurement minus three inches. Also, the gathering thing? Not as easy as it looks. I would gather it, think it looked even, and then end up with a weird bustle on one side and a totally smooth surface on the other side.

But it's finally done, I like it, and it will probably see a decent amount of wear.


  1. You look so cute there! I love the skirt with the tights and boots. I am beyond impressed with your sewing skills (and Leila loves the blocks you made -- we hold one up when we're changing her and she likes to look at it, especially the side with the owl print)


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