Tuesday, July 19, 2011

All in a morning's walk - and a new blouse for N

One really amazing thing about this lifestyle is the opportunity to live amongst monuments that, even for those who manage to visit them, are of the once-in-a-lifetime variety.  In Yerevan, I never tired of the view of Mt. Ararat.  In Jerusalem, my family lived about a six-minute walk from the walled Old City.  And here in Moscow, the Kremlin and Red Square are only about a 30-minute walk from my front door.

So today, I loaded the babies into the Phil & Ted, and we joined some friends for a walk to Alexandrovsky Sad, the flowery park outside the Kremlin walls.  Natasha wore her new peasant blouse (yes, it's made of the same material I used for the ironing board cover, and since I have a yard left, you'll probably be seeing it again soon).  A good time was had by all, particularly N and her buddy A, who discovered a few puddles to jump in.

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