Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Zoia and the cat

N is in the middle of a marathon nap at the moment, and Z and I have been spending some quality time for the last hour.  We were sitting on the floor playing with a puzzle when I heard mewing coming from outside our back door.  (Some might have characterized the mewing as "piteous," however, not having a soft spot for cats, it sounded more menacing to me).

As soon as Z caught sight of the cat, she made a beeline for the door.  They stared at each other, Z rather astonished and very curious, and the cat mewing tirelessly, for about 10 minutes.  Then the cat, likely realizing that she was mewing at the wrong door, went on her way.

People still ask whether I regret leaving the FS.  It's not a question I think about a lot.  But every once in awhile something like this happens and I am grateful, all over again, that I am around to see it.

(Also, I'd tell you to ignore the smudgy windows, but what with an army of ants setting up camp in my master bedroom and the occasional pee on the carpet, windows are frankly the least of my concern).

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  1. What fantastic photos (As one with a soft spot for cats, I think I would have fell for the pitiful meows and let the cat in). Thanks for sharing here and on the phone your experiences with these don't-want-to-miss-it moments.


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