Thursday, July 7, 2011

Naptime project: crayon roll

I made N a crayon roll during nap time yesterday, using this tutorial.  She had long since decimated the cardboard box the crayons came in. They were living in a plastic baggie which she enjoyed playing with, but which I was tired of picking up off the floor to ensure Z didn't choke on it.  I made the roll to fit 4-inch fat crayons, so I cut my smaller piece 7" by 21" and ended up with 3" pockets after seam allowances.  I made my pockets 1.25 inches wide, which was just wide enough - any smaller and the crayons would not have fit.  N was suitably impressed, exclaiming "Wow!" while watching me insert the crayons.  I wonder how much longer my sewing will astonish her?

And if I make more of these (and I probably will; they seem to me to be great 2nd birthday gifts), I will cut the ribbon longer than the 20" recommended in the tutorial.  For fat crayons, I think you need a 23"-24" ribbon.


  1. Love it, too cute! Wish I had a sewing machine and the time to try sewing! :)


  2. These are my favorite gifts to make. I usually include a notepad at the end and make handles. I will make one soon and upload it so you can see it.

    These will be great for birthday gifts!


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