Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cruise along the Moskva-Reka

Jeremy's parents are visiting, so we decided this was a perfect time to take a boat ride down the Moscow River.  Yachts leave twice a day from the Radisson/Hotel Ukraine.  Jeremy checked an hour before we left, and the web site said that there were more than 100 seats remaining.  Predictably, however, when we arrived, the very polite (no sarcasm this time - they were actually really pleasant and professional) hotel workers told us that there were no seats left.  Jeremy stood in line along with an angry mob of people who had also checked the web site.  One by one, they all left, all but Jeremy - and they finally relented.  Perseverance pays!

Since we got our tickets at the last minute, we did not have an opportunity to take sultry photos in front of the yacht.

We sat up on the outside deck until it became clear that rain was inevitable.

Then we moved downstairs to drink extravagantly priced (and yet not very good) beverages and enjoy the ambient lighting.

Luckily, though, the gale let up once we hit the Kremlin, allowing for some photos.  While I took this one, a drunken Russian standing behind me waxed poetic about the beauty of the Moscow skyline and the city's place as the capital of not just this great nation, but indeed of the entire world.

My one goal for this cruise was to get this photo.  Wish it weren't so blurry, but the boat was moving at a pretty good clip.

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