Thursday, April 5, 2012

I made some napkins

We had friends over for dinner a couple months ago. At the last minute I realized that I did not own a single cloth napkin.  And the only paper ones I had in the house were those tiny drink ones.  Embarrassing.  It was kind of like they read my mind, too, because they brought me a set of white napkins from Ukraine as a hostess gift. 

Anyway, immediately, the yards and yards of Valori Wells Karavan fabric I aimlessly bought just because it was so pretty, had a new purpose.  I used five half-yard cuts for these napkins, which have mitered corners (new skill!).  I have five cuts more of coordinating fabric to use up.  I think it might become a matching table runner.

I want to know, too, what how sewers ever did before the internet?  When my mom gave me her machine, she showed me how to run it, taught me the importance of back stitching, and gave me a couple tips, such as what stitch length to use in order to be able to easily pick out stitches if I messed up. I've picked up a few tips from friends here and there, too.  But 95 percent of my sewing knowledge has come from the Internet, and much of that from Youtube. 

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  1. Loooove the fabric!!! Great looking napkins! And I do agree about the internet. I get inspiration from there, ideas and techniques. I would just not sew without it :)


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