Friday, April 27, 2012

KCWC Day 4 and HOORAY for spring!

Yesterday I sewed another pair of Sailboat Pants for N.  I had done a straight 3T version when I first got the pattern, but they were way, way too big around the waist, even with a cloth diaper.  So this time, I cut out an 18-24 month size, but lengthened the rise and the inseam to 3T.  This worked better, but still doesn't fit great with a cloth diaper on.  Works well with a disposable though (as in these photos).  She, not surprisingly, isn't a big fan of these pants.  She'll have to get over that because I love them, and also happen to believe that red-and-white stripes are a neutral that go with most things :)

Also, a gratuitous hooray-for-gorgeous-weather photo from yesterday afternoon's outing.

Yes, it was really warm enough for a tank top and sunny enough for sun hats!  Spring in Moscow is just awesome.

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  1. I wish I had my sailboat top and pants here in DC. I will just have to wait till we get to Bulgaria to make it for my girlies. I love your version! Hopefully Natasha starts liking things you make her.


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