Thursday, April 26, 2012

KCWC Day 3

Yesterday my kids stayed asleep/in their rooms for quiet time for a full 90 minutes.  Thanks to that, and an early bedtime for them, I completed two tops yesterday.  And now I've sewn up all the stuff I had cut out for this week.  So today I'm back to cutting for the remaining four days of KCWC!

On the left is an Oliver + S Ice Cream Top in light cotton voile for Natasha.  On the right is an O+S Badminton Top in light cotton voile for Z.  The trim on the second top matches the first top.  Also, I sewed a top for myself out of the orange and white stripes, so we will all coordinate.  If I can make a bow tie or something for J out of the scraps, we'll be like the Von Trapp family this summer :)

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  1. Super cute tops! I was hoping that I won't be buying new O+S patterns, but after seeing so many cute badminton tops, i think I need that pattern. :) Did I tell you how I love all your fabric choices? Yes, I do!


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