Monday, April 16, 2012


Christ is Risen, translated into Russian, is one of those cool words that you can write in Russian while using the English alphabet.  Good thing, because I don't know how to type in Russian.

Anyway, He has risen and we celebrated.  We went to the midnight service at the church near the Embassy again.  Poor Zoia did not enjoy the joyous shouting of "XPUCTOC BOCKPECE" (Christ is Risen) and "BOUCTUNY BOCKPRECE" (Truly He is Risen!).  She tried her hardest not to cry, but it was too loud for her little ears.

The next morning the girls excavated their Easter baskets and we hosted a large party.  It was nearly 60 degrees and everyone hung out outside.  Like I said, Pascha always brings in the spring.

Also, I made a few decorations:

Paint chips!  Thank you Pinterest.

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