Monday, February 12, 2007


This being the last week before Lent begins, I had a bunch of friends over last night to eat blini. Blini are Russian yeast pancakes that you eat with smoked fish and chopped-up egg and sour cream and other yummy things. They are traditionally eaten during the week before Lent, also known as "Maslenitsa," from the Russian word "maslo," or butter. So about a dozen folks came over, and my Ukrainian friend Irina and I fried up blin after blin in the kitchen.

First we ate them with lox and red caviar (and fried ground beef for the less cultured), and then we brought out raspberry sauce (from my frozen raspberry stock) and Nutella and whipped cream for the ever-popular dessert blini. Everyone had a good time, but no one drank the vodka Brian brought. We're all still recovering from last weekend.

(I have more photos but they refuse to load on my crappy dial-up Internet connection. I'll put them up later in the week.)

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