Friday, February 23, 2007

Here comes St. Louis!!!

This weekend, I’m heading off to St. Louis to play in a volleyball tournament. It should be a great time, but I don’t know if my body can handle the 8 hours of playing/day, followed by the 8 hours of drinking/night. Sure, you say that there are still 8 hours available of sleep, but that doesn’t mean my body recognizes that. Any tips would be helpful. I’ll send you pictures later and put them up here.

Nothing much to report on the election front. Voting is on Tuesday, so there is a lot of pushing and shoving on the media front in order to get coverage. Like the current mayor and his pledge to pay $100 to any college student who works on Tuesday to hand out literature at the polls to voters. I should be able to predict his vote percentage based on the amount of college students out drinking and paying off bar tabs on Tuesday night.

Additionally, I hope that you’ve all had a chance to enter into the February Madness pool and made your picks for the elections. There are some great prizes!!! But no $100, sorry.

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  1. Okay Jeremy, you are officially approved. You play volleyball! Looks like you picked a good one Mash.


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