Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Not as Young as I Once Was

So, I'm hurting. So hurting. Just got back from a great weekend in St. Louis playing in a volleyball tournament. There were 15 teams in our play level from all over the country (Baltimore, Dallas, Florida, Columbus). It was a lot of fun, but I'm paying for it now. Played 8 pool/group games on Saturday (8 AM - 5 PM). We went 0-8. Yep, everyone was scared of us. Sunday was elimination time (two loses and you are out). We were the bottom seed in the bracket play, kind of like starting as the 16th seed in March Madness. And we lost our first match to bump us into the loser bracket. But as with any team I play with, there has to drama. And the funny thing, we didn't lose another game. We clawed our way through the losers bracket to the Championship game. Beating 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th seeded teams (who all lost at some point). Everyone was saying "you guys are still here?"

While we lost in Championship game, 2nd place isn't bad. And it was a lot of fun. But playing 8 games on Saturday and another 8 on Sunday (because we just kept winning) takes its toll on my 28 year old bones and muscles. Might ask for physical therapy gift certificates for my wedding gift because I feel that I'll still be hurting in October.

And I got a little beat up. Hitting the ground, scraps, bumps and bruises. Check out the picture. Oh yea. And who says that volleyball isn't a contact sport.

And Masha will be happy to know that I had to cut my shell necklace in order to play in the tournament. She absolutely hated the necklace. But maybe I'll put it back together for our wedding. She'll love that. A little wedding gift.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures from the tournament. And the exhausted look on James (old friend I've known since 3rd grade and plays on another team) after the long weekend.


  1. You look good brother Jeremy (why does it sound like I'm always speaking with a monk when I say brother Jeremy or brother James- it just has a certain ring to it). At least this time it wasn't your ankles. I miss you (and your competitive stupidity)! I'm sitting here at 3am trying to take a break from my senior research paper. I'm drinking a glass of wine, listening to our childhood songs composed by the famous Traveling Wilburries, (I know that's not how you spell the name of the band. Dad's gonna kill me) and wishing you were her to contemplate religion and philosophy. I miss you so much and all your gifts.

    Much love, Sis (not like you have more than one)

  2. Hello from Normal, Jeremy!

    So sorry for the hurt, but it is nice to meet your fiancee via your blog together. Congratulations!

    Martha of the Stevenson Cente Paperwork


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