Sunday, February 4, 2007

How's the other half coping?

Well, it's been an interesting year to say the least. Graduate school, internship, and moving to Chicago. All while trying to fly off to Armenia as many times as possible to see Masha (only managed two visits). It's been a unique experience growing closer to Masha without her actually being on the same continent. Thank goodness for internet phone calls and Yahoo Messenger. And the only other alternative would have been letter writing (spell check isn't included). And everyone knows that wasn't happening.

But it all paid off. Becoming engaged to Masha has definitely become the highlight of my life. It was great to go through the process of designing the ring, setting up the proposal, proposing and then spending those precious first moments soaking it in with Masha. And with modern technology, we've been able to begin planning our wedding. Must be a trip for the reception halls and caterers to be getting phone calls from both Armenia and Chicago about the same event.

Not going to lie and say that it didn't suck when Masha had to leave so quickly. But we know that it's only temporary, so I just keep telling myself that in 50 years, I won't remember these 5 months apart.

In terms of coping, I'm doing alright. Not liking the distance and time away from my fiance. Definitely not, and I wish that she was here with me, but it'll happen soon enough. But this it is also what makes our relationship truly ours. Our whole relationship has always been an interesting story, so no sense in making our engagement a typical period. Instead of moving in together, looking for a house or going from store to store for the registry, we just move to separate countries.

And forget about having a typical honeymoon. While most people take 2 weeks and then get back to their job, we're planning a one year romantic getaway to Afghanistan. But Kabul will be great. We'll be in their before the tourists, snapping up deals, and enjoying the local scene before Lonely Planet turns it into the next Las Vegas.

Alright, enough from the man in the relationship. I know that you are all really more interested in what Masha has to say. So, I'll sign off and let you wait for Masha's next musings. Maybe eventually we'll write one together. But I doubt she'll let me near the keyboard.

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