Friday, February 23, 2007

Prom and my run in with the fridge

Alright, so I’ve been a little lazy in the posting department as of late. Masha has sent me some strongly worded hate mail about how the blog represents our commitment to togetherness, longevity, and our future. I thought that was a mortgage.

Anyway, here is a little update (with no pictures sorry, but the censors will have a fit).

Masha still won’t allow me to post her Valentine’s Day cookies online, so you’ll just have to take my word on it that they are tasty. Very tasty. Ladies, you need to send them to your guy. Trust me, you’ll come home to a happy man.

Also, ask my mom and she’s always waiting to hear what part of my body I have hurt next. Well, as luck would have it, I busted my eye lid open this past weekend. Again. Let’s see here, 12 stitches on my left eyebrow for running into a trashcan when I was like 10. A couple more on my right for running into a volleyball net on the ice (and doing a Jackie Chan style flip onto my face) when I was 12. Well now you can choke up a busted left eyelid thanks to a refrigerator door. I was running through the house last Saturday during our Prom (more on that later) and hit the edge of the stainless steel door of the refrigerator. Oh yea, it was a little gusher. Thankfully no stitches. And no dent to the door. Stainless steel, gotta love it.

Now, to the PROM!!!!

Yes, my co-op house had a prom. It was a lot of fun, too much (as you can tell from my run in with the door). We decorated the house up in red, black and silver in a Valentine’s Day theme. Had a photo booth set up for pictures, and way too much punch (mixed by an unlicensed bartender). Red lights, a DJ (local iPod), chandelier and what prom wouldn’t be complete without a pregnant prom queen and 70’s style chaperones with rulers (see if you can spot them, hint: mustache and short leering woman).


Now, as for my outfit, Masha doesn’t like the shirt. How can you not like the shirt? It’s awesome. Check it out. Ragstock: $19. How can you beat that. And it's complemented by the suit that I got in Armenia. Ohhhhhhhhhh, that's so hot.

And I’m threatening to bring it to Kabul. Who supports me in that effort?

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