Saturday, February 24, 2007

Go ahead, poke me again

It's confirmed - I have magical powers. I made it snow in Yerevan today. We've been having warm(er) weather the last few days, and the giant mounds of slush on the roads had begun to shrink. I put my down jacket and insulated boots back in the closet. Last night it rained, and this afternoon, as I was walking into the conservatory for my voice lesson, I thought to myself, "I'm so glad it's not snowing." An hour and a half later, while I was in my car driving to church, the rain turned to snow. After the service was over, there were four inches on the ground. Yerevan has a way of poking you in the eye just when you think things are looking up. I hear the temperature is supposed to drop way down in the coming weeks.

This evening I went to a Masquerade Ball put on by some folks from USAID. I got dressed up, but wore my Alaskan Xtratuf boots to the event (and brought my dress shoes in a bag). After an hour or so of dancing, I got fed up with the heels, and put my Xtratufs back on. They were a big hit. Carina tried to take a picture, but she couldn't seem to get one that showed the full splendor of the Xtratuf. She said it was because the room was dark, but I think it was one too many vodka-and-cranberries. That's her (in the mask) and Taline in the picture below.


  1. It's good to see that Xtratuf's are making an appearance in high society other places than Alaska.

    I must admit to being a bit confused though, there don't appear to be many masks at the Masquerade Ball.. I missing the point?

  2. There were lots of masks, and most people were better sports about wearing them than me and my similarly disaffected friends. (I'm not really anti-mask; it's just that mine was somewhat ill-fitting, and I wanted to be able to see).

  3. It just goes to show that Xtratuf Boots go with any outfit! What a great photo of you and Xtratuf boots!

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