Sunday, February 11, 2007

Reception hall and coffee grounds

It's 2:07 a.m. here in Yerevan, and I can't sleep. It's either because of the Armenian coffee I had today at lunch, or because I'm so excited that Jeremy and I have chosen a venue and a caterer for our wedding reception. My parents went down to the Shenandoah Valley today to check out a few places Jeremy and I had been talking to, and upon hearing their impressions, we decided to go with an historic hall and a local caterer. I'm very happy with the decision (not to mention relieved that the biggest wedding-related chore is over with, and much cheaper than I thought it would be). And now we have a definite wedding date: October 28!

The Armenian coffee this afternoon was pretty good, too. Taline read my cup, and there was a big tree with a bull on it, which apparently means that I am going to charge through some minor annoyance and come through alright. Then I read her cup (she's been teaching me how), and I was quite proud of myself because today I saw a rabbit (which indicates a coward - not Taline, but someone in her life), and a swan (which indicates marriage), and a seven (which indicates luck) and a tulip (which indicates love and marriage, again). Usually I catch a seven or a candle (means make a wish) or something, and then start seeing aliens which, of course, leads me to predict a late-night abduction (duh). But today's cup reading was a lot more credible, apparently. Look, just because she doesn't *remember* being abducted, doesn't mean she wasn't ...

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